Winstrol- Post Cycle Therapy

Many people now days prefer steroids to gain muscle sooner and attain great physique. But once after using steroid like winstrol, post cycle therapy or PCT is necessary to maintain the muscle tissue achieved while on steroids and to re- establish testosterone producing ability in the user’s body.

Winstrol is the steroid widely used by athletes, body builders to gain strength and performance during work outs. Winstrol is used by both men and women and is considered unisex steroid. Winstrol helps more during cutting cycles to attain desired physique. Winstrol is often known by different names like Stanozolol or Winny in short. Winstrol steroids are anabolic steroids and are advisable to combine with other steroids to achieve more effects.

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Many athletes prefer using winstrol steroids to obtain lean look and bulky muscles within short span of time with proper exercise and diet. Winstrol steroids are also used to treat medical ailments like osteoporosis, where bones tend to reduce and to treat breast cancer but user should consult doctor before using personally.

Here are few points regarding Winstrol Post Cycle Therapy,

  • Body responds well to winstrol by minimizing testosterone production and gain muscle mass.
  • Moreover, winstrol is considered as safe and legal since it is anabolic steroids with minimal side effects.
  • When winstrol used in the form of cutting stack help reduce body fat without losing muscle. It is known for fat loss after a cycle is complete.
  • Winstrol post cycle therapy should be used only after 12 hours of steroid consumption.
  • While on winstrol PCT supplementation users should follow healthy lifestyle, proper diet and regular exercise to attain better results.
  • During the period of winstrol PCT lift lighter weights with increased repetitions to stimulate muscle.
  • Workouts are recommended thrice a week preferably cardio rather than resistance training till completing winstrol post cutting cycles.
  • Drugs like Clomid and Tamoxifen are recommended during winstrol PCT bodybuilding cycle.
  • But when clomid is used beyond advice may cause side effects like visual disturbances and mood swings.
  • The dosage of winstrol PCT depends upon chosen winstrol steroid cycle.
  • Normal dosages like 25 mg to 50 mg per day are suitable for men whereas women can use 5 mg per day.
  • Women can use winstrol cycle up to six weeks but men use longer time compared with women.
  • Dosages should not exceed 40 mg and users should consult physician before using steroids for any purpose.
  • People suffering from high cholesterol should use with caution as winstrol tends to increase bad cholesterol levels in the body.
  • When using winstrol steroids along with other combinations need to consume novaldex medication to get better.
  • Winstrol steroids cause side effects like frequent urinations, pain during erections, tender and painful breasts, and cramps in legs, acne, and diarrhea and sleep deprivations when used beyond recommended dosage.
  • The above side effects will vanish in short span of time but when experiencing for longer time are advised to take help from physician.
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