HGH Supplement Review

HGH is the most common supplement which is used by bodybuilders as well as many athletes. Its stacked with many other steroids as well as testosterone cycle. Many prescriptions and over the counter drugs are used for enhancing the performance and they find good results. HGH is also used to diagnosis when a person is suffering with growth hormone deficiency. HGH steroid cycles depend on the situation.

HGH cycle

HGH Human Growth hormone. The human body produces growth hormone in the pituitary gland and when this pituitary gland is not functioning properly, a person needs to under go therapy in which Human Growth Hormone is used and this is synthetic growth hormone. HGH injections are used depending on the therapy. Some these growth hormone injections are used by many bodybuilders and athletes for non-medical use and this is not recommended. When growth hormone is used for medical purpose, injection is used. For treatment, HGH cycle can range for 20-50days and in few cases it can last till five to seven months too. The frequency of the injection and the dosage totally depends on the age as well as the medical condition. Many body builders use cycles of steroids and drugs. Few stack with different drugs so that they can accelerate the results. The cycle can range from twelve to twenty weeks.

Advantages and few side effects

HGH injections, sprays and pills help in increasing the muscle mass of a person and also increases the bone density and this helps in reducing the osteoporosis risk. The person can achieve leaner body, while it has few disadvantages like it increases the cholesterol levels and leads to nerve pain. One must remember that these supplements are for enhancing the growth hormone secretions and one must check if their growth hormone levels are low before using supplement. If the levels are adequate and still a person is using HGH supplement, it would cause serious reactions and may even risk to his health.

Side effects

When coming to any drug, side effects are possible. It can even be any over the counter medicine or herbal supplements. The side effects depend on the health status and the allergies of the person. It depends on the age, diet, lifestyle and the weight. The severity will vary according to the drugs in the HGH cycle. HGH and other hormones also come with sever side effects. A person can reduce the side effects by stacking them with drugs which are designed to reduce the side effects. As HGH and testosterone help a person to growth muscle and make them strong, many bodybuilders stack them. The main side effects of HGH are muscle pains, pain in nerves and joints, muscle fatigue, edema, HGH belly- where belly protrudes due to the enlargement of intestines and in few cases the muscles of the heart are also effected and it results to cardiomyopathy. The other side effect is Acromegaly in which body tissues grow rapidly in face, hands and feet. This will affect the connective tissues and the bone structure. When HGH cycle is not prescribed by doctor and a person is using it, he must be cautious, and purchasing HGH without prescription is illegal.

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