4 Jobs You Can Get With a Doctoral Degree in Education

Institutions of higher education are rewarding more doctoral degrees than ever, and the number of degrees awarded in the field of education have grown substantially. A 2015 survey created by NORC at the University of Chicago revealed that the number of doctoral degrees in education grew nearly seven percent between 2014-2015. If you are considering the pursuit of this degree, then you might be wondering which career paths might be open to you. Because the field of education is widely varied, you may discover that you will have a variety of interesting and unique opportunities available to you.

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1.     Superintendent of Schools

If you want to help shape the future of young people, be a leader, and have an outgoing personality, then you might consider becoming superintendent of a school district. While this job is extremely multifaceted and you will take over a wide variety of duties, it can be rewarding as well.

As the CEO of a given district, you will be making decisions about individual schools, their staffing, their budgets, and the programs your teachers teach, from English to physical education. For example, you might urge your coaches to use online resources from Adelphi to teach high school football players about the importance of fandom participation, especially if they want to play at the professional level.

2.     Education Administrator 

You may be suited for a job as an education administrator if you are well organized, like working with a variety of people, and enjoy the challenge of coordinating different projects. This job, which usually requires a doctorate in education, involves organizing events, programs and projects for a school’s staff. You may also work with local businesses and other institutions and organize their support for the events, whether they are for fundraising efforts or for the good of the students or community.

3.     College Professor

Earning a doctorate in education would allow you to work as a professor at most universities. This job could suit you if you enjoy learning new things, teaching others, and have a talent for writing and researching. As a professor, you may have the opportunity to publish any academic papers in scholarly journals and even teach them in your classes. If you are looking into which schools offer this program, you may be interested to know that Maryville offers a doctoral degree in education, and some classes are available online.

4.     Early Childhood Education Specialist 

This job may suit you as a doctorate holder who is interested in how a child’s environment and educational opportunities might shape the person he or she becomes. You may work as a principal in an elementary school or private school for young children. As a leader in this field, you can help to create and implement programs that may improve the way young minds are shaped. You may also work with a variety of people in the community, including parents, other educators, and child psychologists.

Obtaining a doctoral degree in education can open a variety of doors for you. Before you submit any applications, however, remember that your talents, temperament, and abilities can all influence any job you take on and that you should consider them carefully before making a final choice.

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