Nandrolone decanoate is also a popular steroid along with Deca Durabolin. This steroid is popular among the bodybuilding field. This has the capacity to build muscle mass and also increase the stamina of a person.

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Nandrolone decanoate dosage, side effects and benefits

After using Nandrolone decanoate which is widely used steroid in bodybuilding, the person can see changes in nearly four to eight weeks. This steroid Nandrolone decanoate is really popular as it helps a person in better performance and makes one stronger. It also increases the endurance levels of a person as well as provides muscle growth. Deca is a steroid which is used for losing weight and it does not have any side effects. It does not have any impact on skin or head. It also helps in preventing the joint pains and other injuries. The prescribed dosage for men is 300 to 800 mg for each week, and for women it is 50-100mg. If a person is looking for cutting then it must be 400mg each week and the cycle must be for twelve to sixteen weeks. For bulking , it must be 600mg each week and the cycle must be the same as in cutting.  So, it is best to take cabergoline which is anti progesteronic, which helps in making better cycle.

Can nandrolone decanoate purchased legally

Nandrolone decanoate is generally available only with prescription and cannot be obtained without it from any grade suppliers. This steroid is known as Deca is manufactured only by Watson Pharma. With prescriptions only this can be obtained. The raw ingredients of this steroid are not available outside and are only supplied from Food and Drug Administration. So if one is looking to purchase Nandrolone decanoate legally, it is best for the person to first consult any expert physician and then know the side effects and results. Then think of if he really needs this drug or not. Take the prescription from the doctor and then purchase it from legal sources where it is approved by FDA or get it online from genuine sources. It is not fond in all places.  It is not prescribed for non-medical use and if done it is illegal.

Legal and illegal and sales

Nandrolone Decanoate can be obtained in black market where there will be no shortage.  It also helps in weight loss which was not controlled; it helps in building muscles even in patients who suffer from AIDS. This steroid Nandrolone was first sold for treating the anaemia patients. But this steroid was prescribed rarely. As this is an anabolic steroid, it has the scrutiny as that of cocaine.  Nandrolone has benefits that can treat HIV as well as AIDS patients and many medical studies proved this. But physicians who are not experienced fell that this drug is not safe, and they are under misconception. Few pharmacies sell nandrolone decanoate online. Many federal governments reported the use of this steroid as scandal. This is the reason why very fewer pharmacies manufacture Nandrolone and its related medicines.

Winstrol- Post Cycle Therapy

Many people now days prefer steroids to gain muscle sooner and attain great physique. But once after using steroid like winstrol, post cycle therapy or PCT is necessary to maintain the muscle tissue achieved while on steroids and to re- establish testosterone producing ability in the user’s body.

Winstrol is the steroid widely used by athletes, body builders to gain strength and performance during work outs. Winstrol is used by both men and women and is considered unisex steroid. Winstrol helps more during cutting cycles to attain desired physique. Winstrol is often known by different names like Stanozolol or Winny in short. Winstrol steroids are anabolic steroids and are advisable to combine with other steroids to achieve more effects.

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Many athletes prefer using winstrol steroids to obtain lean look and bulky muscles within short span of time with proper exercise and diet. Winstrol steroids are also used to treat medical ailments like osteoporosis, where bones tend to reduce and to treat breast cancer but user should consult doctor before using personally.

Here are few points regarding Winstrol Post Cycle Therapy,

  • Body responds well to winstrol by minimizing testosterone production and gain muscle mass.
  • Moreover, winstrol is considered as safe and legal since it is anabolic steroids with minimal side effects.
  • When winstrol used in the form of cutting stack help reduce body fat without losing muscle. It is known for fat loss after a cycle is complete.
  • Winstrol post cycle therapy should be used only after 12 hours of steroid consumption.
  • While on winstrol PCT supplementation users should follow healthy lifestyle, proper diet and regular exercise to attain better results.
  • During the period of winstrol PCT lift lighter weights with increased repetitions to stimulate muscle.
  • Workouts are recommended thrice a week preferably cardio rather than resistance training till completing winstrol post cutting cycles.
  • Drugs like Clomid and Tamoxifen are recommended during winstrol PCT bodybuilding cycle.
  • But when clomid is used beyond advice may cause side effects like visual disturbances and mood swings.
  • The dosage of winstrol PCT depends upon chosen winstrol steroid cycle.
  • Normal dosages like 25 mg to 50 mg per day are suitable for men whereas women can use 5 mg per day.
  • Women can use winstrol cycle up to six weeks but men use longer time compared with women.
  • Dosages should not exceed 40 mg and users should consult physician before using steroids for any purpose.
  • People suffering from high cholesterol should use with caution as winstrol tends to increase bad cholesterol levels in the body.
  • When using winstrol steroids along with other combinations need to consume novaldex medication to get better.
  • Winstrol steroids cause side effects like frequent urinations, pain during erections, tender and painful breasts, and cramps in legs, acne, and diarrhea and sleep deprivations when used beyond recommended dosage.
  • The above side effects will vanish in short span of time but when experiencing for longer time are advised to take help from physician.

Get rid of body fat with Raspberry Ketone easily

Across the globe weight loss products are gaining popularity and out of these the one which is a revolutionary product –Raspberry ketone…It is a weight loss formula made up of Raspberry ketone. It is a top notch dietary supplement available in the market, which helps in losing weight easily and quickly.

The Supplement guarantees weight loss of approx ten to twenty percent within two to three months. It is considered a blessing for those who are struggling with weight issues since a long time. It works like magic pills and helps in losing weight drastically. Itis a painless method to melt body fat within a short period of time. The taste of the pills is great for those who love raspberry fruit and it does not have any side effects too. So you can consider Raspberry Ketone as a natural supplement to lose weight in less time.


How Raspberry Ketone supplement works?

The supplements help in weight loss by reducing the absorption of carbohydrates in the body so no need to restrict your diet .The carbohydrates get converted into sugar and stored in human body as fat. It is a powerful antioxidant,which helps the body to fight radicals and stops cravings throughout the day. It affects the hormone adiponectin and helps in controlling body fat. It helps you to mold your eating habits easily to get a healthy lifestyle.

Whenever a new product is launched in the market lot of fake manufacturers launches replicas too. You need to be cautious while buying the supplements. Always buy it from original and genuine buyer which offers the pills made up of original extracts only. You can even buy it directly from manufacturers instead of buying it from a retailer.

Raspberries have been used since ages as an effective compound to burn body fat and can be consumed easily due to its delicious taste. Thesupplements made up from raspberry extract are 100% natural and no artificial ingredients or chemicals are added to it. The supplement has lifted the fitness world to a new level due to its positive effects and other benefits too.

Some other benefits of Raspberry Supplements are:

Regular consumption of the supplement also lowers the risk of cancer, which is a serious concern for most of the people across the globe. It decreases the absorption of fat in the body and accumulates liver area .Some of the diseases such are heart stroke, high blood pressure cures mainly due to the accumulation of fat in the body which can be lowered while consuming Raspberry ketone supplement on a regular basis. You should start taking it after consulting with your Doctor only.

People who are fighting with stress and anxiety since a long time are advised by the doctors to consume the supplement on a daily basis. The Raspberry contain detoxifying component which helps in cleansing the body from harmful toxins. You can delay your ageing with process while consuming the supplement .Remember, you should exercise along with taking the supplement get maximum effect within short period of time.

Salidroside is found in Rhodiola Rosea


Salidroside is a chemical compound which is present in the plant Rhodiola rosea. This plant contains two chemical compounds; one is rosavin and the other is salidroside. Rhodiola rosea herb has high power on nervous system which promotes and produces adaptogen effects. Presence of adaptogen in the body relieves physical and emotional stress. Effects of solidroside are slowly gaining popularity recently.

When cut, the rhodiola rosea plants root smells like a rose flower. Because of this, rose root name is often used along with rhodiola rosea.

Still research is going on about this herb and majority of benefits are obtained by the plant. The chemical compound salidroside reduces anxiety, improve levels of immunity, boosts energy levels, reduces appetite and keeps Alzheimer’s at bay. But exact work of salidroside is still unknown and interaction with other chemical compounds present in rhodiola rosea is going on.

Salidroside is present in species like Rhodiola crenulata and several other plants and not only in Rhodiola rosea plant. Scientists of different countries have found many advantages and benefits of this compound. All species of rhodiola are not similar and properties of chemical compound solidroside also differ from each species. When all the compounds, that is, Rosavin and Salidroside are combined, the extract obtained has very unique and beneficial properties.

Uses of Rhodiola Rosea

  • Mainly Rhodiola rosea herb is used to reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Even research has established that rhodiola rosea has a major impact on anxiety.
  • Since Rhodiola rosea is an herbal product, side effects are rarely seen.
  • Depression can be reduced.
  • During the period of anxiety, blood flow and heart beat increases which can be relieved by using this product.
  • If an individual is stressed for a very long period, heart beat increases so as the blood flow making the person to fight or run accordingly. This result as a result of anxiety developed under chronic conditions.
  • Salidroside has proven effects on reducing stress and anxiety. It acts a preventive measure in resisting stress.
  • Rhodiola rosea has very fast effects on reducing anxiety when compared with other herbs.
  • Rhodiola rosea extract acts on mild stress with very little dosage.
  • Rhodiola rosea is often sold as weight loss supplement.
  • Salidroside is effectively used as anti cancer supplement.
  • At present, salidroside is used as both compound in isolation and conjunction along with other supplements of nutrients.
  • Salidroside supplements along with Rhodiola rosea herb have innumerable health boosting effects.
  • The supplements strengthen nervous system and boosts energy levels of the user.


Side effects of salidroside

  • Though salidroside is known for reducing cortisol levels but it increases dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain.
  • People can response with initial dosages of Rhodiola rosea.
  • Result desired can be attained only after using more than two months.
  • When salidroside is used as single compound against oxidative stress retrieval, bone damage is noted.
  • Since it is an herbal supplement, no serious side effects are noted till now.

Microsoft Begins First Shipments of HoloLens

Microsoft Begins First Shipments of HoloLens

Microsoft began its first shipments of its HoloLens augmented reality headgear Wednesday, staking its place in what is expected to be an emerging computing platform.

HoloLens is being delivered to application developers, with Microsoft opting for augmented realityrather than virtual reality in devices such as the Oculus Rift from Facebook.

While virtual reality is fully immersive, the partly immersive augmented reality allows users to multitask via virtual images superimposed on their normal field of view.

At the Microsoft Build developers’ conference, the US tech giant showed some of the possibilities for HoloLens such as giving users a view of Mars that up to now could only be seen by space vehicles, and an inside view of the brain by medical specialists aiming to deal with a cerebral tumor.

Aiming to encourage new applications for the device, Microsoft noted that developers can create “new mixed reality” with holograms to enable users to see and experience things in new ways.

Microsoft unveiled the HoloLens goggles a year ago as rivals such as Oculus were moving in virtual reality.

The holographic capabilities in the Microsoft gear can open doors for developers to augment tasks from complex surgery to motorcycle design, according to the company.

The developer editions will be available for $3,000 for app makers and other Microsoft partners.

One of the partners is Nasa, which uses HoloLens to help users move about as if they are on Mars and figure out where they want the Rover to go.

Pamela Davis, dean of the Case Western Reserve University medical school, led a demonstration showing how holographic images of the body and its organs, including the brain, can be used in doctor training.

With the googles and Windows 10, Microsoft said in a statement it was “extending the Windows experience to holograms and allowing developers to begin helping build the future of holographic computing.”

The move by Microsoft comes just two days after Oculus began deliveries of the first Rift devices to consumers.

Marketers predict virtual headsets will soon top wish lists for kids and young adults from the Silicon Valley to Hong Kong. But some analysts say virtual reality will be eclipsed by augmented reality within a few years.

Prime Minister Modi, Belgian Counterpart Jointly Activate Asia’s Largest Optical Telescope

Prime Minister Modi, Belgian Counterpart Jointly Activate Asia's Largest Optical Telescope

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Belgian counterpart Charles Michel on Wednesday remotely launched Asia’s biggest optical telescope, the Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (Aries) that’s located in India and built with Belgian assistance.

“Prime Minister Michel and I have just activated, remotely, India’s largest optical telescope,” Prime Minister Modi said after launching the telescope with a 3.6-metre-wide primary mirror located at Devasthal near Nainital in Uttarakhand.

“Even sky is not the limit,” the Prime Minister said, referring to the cooperation between the two countries on various projects.

Aries, the largest optical telescope of its kind in Asia, is a product of Indo-Belgian collaboration. It will be used to study star structures and magnetic field structures of stars.

“This product of Indo-Belgian collaboration is an inspiring example of what our partnership can achieve,” said Prime Minister Modi, who was flanked by Belgian Prime Minister Michel.

“The work is also afoot on other agreements in the areas of Information and Communication Technology, audio-visual production Tourism biotechnology and shipping and ports,” said PM Modi, who arrived here today on a hectic day-long visit.

“Aries project is not just a government-to-government initiative,” the Prime Minister said after the activation.

“It is a win-win collaboration between private sectors as well,” Prime Minister added, saying that even the sky was not the limit for the project. Located at the Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (Aries) at Devasthal near Nainital, it is a 3.6-metre optical telescope.

India has collaborated with a Belgian company called AMOS to produce this infra-red steerable optical telescope which is the first of its kind in the whole of Asia.

Microsoft, Nasa Partner to Bring You Closer to Mars With HoloLens

Microsoft, Nasa Partner to Bring You Closer to Mars With HoloLens

The US space agency and tech giant Microsoft have teamed up to create “Destination: Mars”, a guided tour of Mars using the same HoloLens headset technology that helps scientists plan the Curiosity rover’s activities on Red Planet.

It will offer people a guided tour of an area of Mars with astronaut Buzz Aldrin this summer in an interactive exhibit using the Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality headset.

“Mixed reality” means that virtual elements are merged with the user’s actual environment, creating a world in which real and virtual objects can interact.

The “Destination: Mars” exhibit will open at Nasa’s Kennedy Space Center’s visitor complex in Florida this summer, the US space agency said in a statement.

Guests will “visit” several sites on Mars, reconstructed using real imagery from Nasa’s Curiosity Mars Rover, which has been exploring the Red Planet since August 2012.

Aldrin, an Apollo 11 astronaut who walked on the moon in 1969, will serve as “holographic tour guide” on the journey.

Curiosity Mars rover driver Erisa Hines of JPL will also appear holographically, leading participants to places on Mars where scientists have made exciting discoveries and explaining what we have learned about the planet.

“This experience lets the public explore Mars in an entirely new way. To walk through the exact landscape that Curiosity is roving across puts its achievements and discoveries into beautiful context,” said Doug Ellison, visualisation producer at JPL.

“Destination: Mars” is an adaptation of OnSight, a Mars rover mission operations tool co-developed by Microsoft and JPL.

A pilot group of scientists uses OnSight in their work supporting the Curiosity Mars rover’s operations.

“We’re excited to give the public a chance to see Mars using cutting-edge technologies that help scientists plan Curiosity’s activities on Mars today,” added Jeff Norris, project manager for OnSight and “Destination: Mars”.

“While freely exploring the terrain, participants learn about processes that have shaped this alien world,” he added.

Abigail Fraeman, a Curiosity science team member at JPL, uses OnSight to make recommendations about where the rover should drive and which features to study in more detail.

Recently OnSight helped her and a colleague identify the transition point between two Martian rock formations which they would like to study in further detail.

By utilising the same technologies and datasets as OnSight, “Destination: Mars” offers participants a glimpse of Mars as seen by mission scientists.

“By connecting astronauts to experts on the ground, mixed reality could be transformational for scientific and engineering efforts in space,” Norris said.

As Nasa prepares to send humans to Mars in the 2030s, the public will now be able to preview the experience the astronauts will have as they walk and study the Martian surface.

Shadow of Mordor 2 Leaked, Possible E3 2016 Announcement?

Shadow of Mordor 2 Leaked, Possible E3 2016 Announcement?

A sequel to Shadow of Mordor, a 2014 video game based on The Lord of the Rings universe, is in the works. Its existence has been discovered on the resume of a stunt actor and it’s at this point of time, predictably called Shadow of Mordor 2.

The news comes via NerdLeaks, a site specialising in leaks about movies, TV shows, and video games. It found stunt actor Lauren Mary Kim’s resume which had a mention of the game. Specifically a line that states “Shadow of Mordor 2 – Stunts/Acting – Blur”. It probably refers to the Blur Studio which is responsible for Deadpool, and a host of CGI trailers for games like Batman Arkham Knight, Dishonored 2, and The Division.

According to the site, Kim is a stunt actor who worked numerous AAA film project like Fast & Furious 7, Transformers 4, Suicide Squad and Daredevil (TV show). She also worked for various video games CGI trailers including Bioshock Infinite, Batman Arkham Knight, Assassin’s Creed Unity, God of War Ascension, the upcoming Mafia III and now, Shadow of Mordor 2.

“Looking at her physical aspect and stunt abilities she could play the Lithariel role,” a post on the site speculates.

A follow up to Shadow of Mordor should be expected considering how well the first game did. It sold around 1.9 million copies on PC alone and a performed strongly on consoles as well. Throw in the fact the developer Monolith Productions has been working on an unannounced game and been on a hiring spree makes this all the more likely. Given that Kim’s work has been on the stunts and acting pertaining to the game, we won’t be surprised to see an E3 CGI announcement trailer for Shadow of Mordor 2. Until that happens, we can rest easy knowing one of the finer titles this generation is getting a sequel.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Paid $100.5 Million for First Year at Helm

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Paid $100.5 Million for First Year at Helm

Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai received a $100.5 million (roughly Rs. 667 crores) pay package in 2015, according to a filing from parent company Alphabet Tuesday.

Pichai received $99.8 million in restricted stock that will vest in full by 2017. He also received a $652,500 salary. The stock award hasn’t previously been disclosed in filings.

The former deputy of co-founder Larry Page was named to run the search engine unit following the reorganization into a holding company last year. Following that promotion, Alphabet in February awarded him restricted shares valued at $199 million (roughly Rs. 1,321 crores), the largest grant ever given to a Google executive officer whose pay has to be reported in filings.

The two grants have brought Pichai’s holding of unvested restricted shares to $635 million (roughly Rs. 4,216) as of Monday’s close in New York, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. He also holds unvested stock options valued at $11.6 million (roughly Rs. 77 crores).

Alphabet typically grants equity awards to executives once every two years, a strategy it has said “encourages executives to take a long-term view of the business.”

Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt received $8.04 million (roughly Rs. 53 crores) for 2015, including a $1.25 million salary and $6 million (roughly Rs. 39 crores) cash bonus. Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat was awarded $31 million (roughly Rs. 205 crores), including $25.1 million (roughly Rs. 166 crores) in restricted stock.

An Alphabet spokesman didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Jay-Z’s Tidal Music Streaming Service Hits 3 Million Subscribers

Jay-Z's Tidal Music Streaming Service Hits 3 Million Subscribers

Tidal, the streaming service led by Jay-Z that launched to a mixed reception a year ago, said Tuesday it has climbed up to three million subscribers.

Tidal, which last revealed its subscription base at one million in September, said in a statement marking its one-year anniversary that it now has three million members in 46 countries.

Aimed at taking a slice of the booming market for streaming, which offers unlimited, on-demand music, Tidal has sought to differentiate itself from rivals led by Spotify by offering exclusives, higher-quality audio files and video content.

Among its successes, Tidal exclusively released the latest album by rap superstar Kanye West and has become the primary online home for Prince, who has delighted in the newfound artistic control.

But Tidal was widely derided for the optics of the March 30, 2015 press conference that announced the relaunch of the service, which Jay-Z bought for $56 million (roughly Rs. 372 crores) from Swedish-listed company Aspiro.

Tidal vowed to change streaming to benefit artists, although the press conference was led by some of the richest names in music such as Madonna, West and Jay-Z’s wife Beyonce.

Whatever the public relations struggle, Tidal insisted it has made good on its promises and that it has featured 1,000 tracks by unsigned artists.

Tidal offers music on more advanced Flac files, but at $19.99 a month in the United States, the subscription for the high-end tier is twice the cost of most streaming sites.

Spotify, based in Sweden, is by far the largest streaming site and last week said it had reached 30 million paying subscribers worldwide.

Spotify has previously said it has more than 75 million users when including its advertising-backed free tier, which is controversial among artists.

Apple Music, launched in June by the tech giant, has quickly become the second leading force in streaming, and said last month it had 11 million subscribers.

Paris-based Deezer, which is strong in continental Europe, says it has six million paying subscribers while Rhapsody, the streaming pioneer established in 2001, had 3.5 million as of December.