CES 2017: Motiv Is a Fitness Ring With a Built-In Heart Rate Sensor

Most fitness trackers are designed for your wrists and their way of motivating you is a step goal. Almost all of these start with a generic 10,000-step goal per day. Motiv is a new fitness wearable that’s been unveiled at CES 2017, and taking a different approach. It’s a ring with a built-in heart rate sensor that sets a daily “active minutes” goal for you.

CES 2017: Motiv Is a Fitness Ring With a Built-In Heart Rate SensorMotiv can track your steps, sleep, and the amount of time you remain active. The company feels that you need to be active for at least 150 minutes and it defines these “active minutes” as moderate-intensity aerobic activity.

Theoretically, this sounds like a better measure of your activity than just the step counter. If Motiv links “active minutes” to your heart rate, it’ll actually be a better measure of your activity than a generic step goal. You may be able to hit your step goal with minimal effort but your friends may have a lot of trouble. Measuring activity via a heart rate monitor offers a more accurate estimate of exercise.

The problem with using a ring as your fitness wearable is its battery life. Obviously a bigger, wrist-based wearable will last longer on a single charge but Motiv needs to last at least for a day for it to be usable. The company claims that it can be charged in 90 minutes and lasts for 3-5 days on one charge, but we’ll have to wait until it starts shipping to check how long it lasts.

The Motiv ring is available in seven sizes and two colours – Slate Grey and Rose Gold. It ships with two chargers – one for your desk and one you can attach to a keychain. This means that you don’t have to worry even if you forget one charger at home.

The company claims that the device is waterproof up to 5 ATM and can be charged via a USB charging dock. The product is expected to start shipping in spring 2017, according to Motiv, and will only be available in the US. The company is currently taking pre-orders on its website at $199 (roughly Rs. 13,400).

Hyundai Brings Blue Link to Google Home, Lets You Give Your Car Voice Commands

Ahead of CES 2017, Hyundai Motors has announced that its Blue Link technology has now arrived on Google Home. The Blue Link Agent will now be integrated inside Google Home that will allow you to give commands straight to the Hyundai vehicle. Demonstrating at Pepcom’s Digital Experience prior to the Consumer Electronics Show, Hyundai Motors said that you can start your car by just saying “Ok Google, start my car” along with other commands like setting the car temperature.

Hyundai Brings Blue Link to Google Home, Lets You Give Your Car Voice CommandsHyundai Motors’ Blue Link is a telematics system that enables data sharing between cars with proactive safety and car care services. With the Google Assistant inside Google Home, car owners can command their Hyundai cars that run Blue Link to start, stop, send a location, turn lights on/off, and manage car climate. These commands include “Ok Google, Tell Blue Link to start my Santa Fe and set the temperature to 72 degrees”, “Ok Google, Tell Blue Link to send the address of the Mandarin Oriental, in Las Vegas to my Sonata”, and “Ok Google, ask Blue Link to lock my car”.

“Our customers are finding smart home integrations like the one we are showcasing with Google Home to be very useful and convenient,” said Manish Mehrotra, Director of Digital Business Planning and Connected Operations, Hyundai Motors America. He added, “We will continue to add layers of convenience to the Blue Link connected car system and our cars, making features like remote EV charge management, remote locking, temperature and remote start easier than ever while sitting on the couch and saying ‘Ok Google’.”

With the Blue Link Agent for Google Home, the services can be accessed from the buttons on the rear-view mirror and centre stack, the Web or via the Blue Link-enabled car owners’ smartphone app. In addition to them, some of these features can also be controlled via the latest Android Wear and Apple Watch smartwatches. In order to make the Agent work, you’ll need to connect your account and thereafter remote service commands will be sent to Hyundai vehicles after the Google Assistant prompts owners for their Blue Link Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Entering the PIN will pair your Google Home with your Hyundai cars. You can check all the commands at Hyundai’s website. Hyundai also said that the Blue Link Agent for Google Home will have more features before entering into the production stage.

Samsung Launches 4K QLED TVs at CES 2017, Said to Offer Company’s Best Picture Quality Yet

Samsung has launched its new lineup of 4K QLED TVs, with its models Q9, Q8, and Q7, on Tuesday at CES 2017. The company claims that the new TV lineup offers dramatically improved colour performance over its other models and features the best picture quality ever offered by the company. Pricing and availability details have not yet been revealed by the company.

Samsung Launches 4K QLED TVs at CES 2017, Said to Offer Company's Best Picture Quality YetThe South Korean company says that the QLED TVs offer improved performance in displaying DCI-P3 color space accurately and are capable of reproducing 100 percent colour volume. “This means they can express all colours at any level of brightness – with even the subtlest differences visible at the QLED’s peak luminance – between 1,500 and 2,000 nits,” the company said in its release.

The use of Quantum Dot material enables the newly-launched TV models to express a “significantly” improved range of colour and much greater detail than conventional TV sets, as per the company. “The new Quantum Dots allow Samsung QLED TV to express deep blacks and rich detail regardless of how light or dark the scene is, or whether the content is being played in a brightly lit or darkened room,” it said.
Interestingly, the company has introduced some other improvements to the television models to solve the common problems associated with the television sets. “With the QLED TV, we’ve solved problems that everyone -and every home-has experienced; cable clutter, thick wall mounts and a slew of devices sitting right under the TV,” Dave Das, senior vice president of consumer electronics marketing for Samsung Electronics America, was quoted as saying in the release.
LG ahead of CES 2017 also revealed 4K televisions with Nano Cell LCD technology, said to reproduce more accurate colours than other display technologies. We’ll have to see how they compare to Samsung’s new QLED tech.

Samsung Unveils Family Hub 2.0 Internet-Connected Refrigerators and More at CES 2017

Samsung Electronics has introduced a new member to its series of connected refrigerators with Family Hub 2.0 at CES 2017. Called the Family Hub 2.0 refrigerators, the new series expands the smart refrigerators models from four to 10. Alongside, Samsung has also introduced a new line of smart built-in cooking appliances and a new four-in-one washer/dryer that is connectible with Samsung’s Smart Home app.

Samsung Unveils Family Hub 2.0 Internet-Connected Refrigerators and More at CES 2017At CES 2017 that kicked off this week, technology giant Samsung expanded the portfolio of its refrigerators, washing machine+dryers and other kitchen appliances with the launch of new products. Starting with the Family Hub 2.0 refrigerators, the new Internet-connected devices from Samsung sport upgrades over the previous Family Hub 1.0 with new features like View Inside Cameras, improved shopping list, grocery buying via MasterCard and Recipe browsing among others. The new and improved View Inside Cameras can detect the food items kept inside the refrigerator that need to be replenished along with their images. The Recipes app, powered by AllRecipes, will show enlarged text on the screen and read the recipes aloud.

With the Family Hub 2.0 platform, family members can create their individual profiles on refrigerators and synchronise them, while also allowing them to use their profile picture/ avatars. The 21.5-inch display packed on the door will work as a digital bulletin board where users can handwrite seamlessly. You can also dictate commands to the refrigerator to read weather and time, or to add some item to the shopping list.

Samsung has also collaborated with partners like Grubhub, Nomiku, Glympse, Ring, Spotify, and iHeartRadio for other home entertainment, security services. Samsung’s Family Hub 2.0 will be pushed out across a full range of 3-Door and 4-Door French Door refrigerator models as well as the existing 4-Door Flex lineup.

Talking about the home appliances, Samsung has also introduced its new smart built-in cooking line at CES 2017. The new product lineup includes various models of built-in Double and Single Wall Ovens, built-in Gas Cooktops, built-in Induction Cooktops, built-in Electric Cooktops, and built-in Range Hoods. Samsung has equipped all its built-in appliances with Wi-Fi connectivity, so the users can remotely start, control and turn off their ovens, as well as monitor their cooktop and range hood from their smartphones. In addition to it, Bluetooth connectivity syncs the cooktop with Samsung’s Range Hood that can automatically start the hood’s fans or lights when using the cooktop.

Finally, Samsung’s new four-in-one washer+dryer saves the day with its five cubic feet of laundry capacity and a second one-cubic foot washer on top, allowing you to do two loads at once. Named the FlexWash + FlexDry laundry system, Samsung boasts of its the Delicate Rack dryer zone, which automatically adjusts the dryer temperature based on the clothe fabric, while still drying clothes in the primary dryer. Obviously, as a part of its connected devices, Samsung’s washer+dryer can be controlled via the Samsung SmartHome app that allows remote operations when you aren’t home.

4 Jobs You Can Get With a Doctoral Degree in Education

Institutions of higher education are rewarding more doctoral degrees than ever, and the number of degrees awarded in the field of education have grown substantially. A 2015 survey created by NORC at the University of Chicago revealed that the number of doctoral degrees in education grew nearly seven percent between 2014-2015. If you are considering the pursuit of this degree, then you might be wondering which career paths might be open to you. Because the field of education is widely varied, you may discover that you will have a variety of interesting and unique opportunities available to you.

Image result for 4 Jobs You Can Get With a Doctoral Degree in Education
1.     Superintendent of Schools

If you want to help shape the future of young people, be a leader, and have an outgoing personality, then you might consider becoming superintendent of a school district. While this job is extremely multifaceted and you will take over a wide variety of duties, it can be rewarding as well.

As the CEO of a given district, you will be making decisions about individual schools, their staffing, their budgets, and the programs your teachers teach, from English to physical education. For example, you might urge your coaches to use online resources from Adelphi to teach high school football players about the importance of fandom participation, especially if they want to play at the professional level.

2.     Education Administrator 

You may be suited for a job as an education administrator if you are well organized, like working with a variety of people, and enjoy the challenge of coordinating different projects. This job, which usually requires a doctorate in education, involves organizing events, programs and projects for a school’s staff. You may also work with local businesses and other institutions and organize their support for the events, whether they are for fundraising efforts or for the good of the students or community.

3.     College Professor

Earning a doctorate in education would allow you to work as a professor at most universities. This job could suit you if you enjoy learning new things, teaching others, and have a talent for writing and researching. As a professor, you may have the opportunity to publish any academic papers in scholarly journals and even teach them in your classes. If you are looking into which schools offer this program, you may be interested to know that Maryville offers a doctoral degree in education, and some classes are available online.

4.     Early Childhood Education Specialist 

This job may suit you as a doctorate holder who is interested in how a child’s environment and educational opportunities might shape the person he or she becomes. You may work as a principal in an elementary school or private school for young children. As a leader in this field, you can help to create and implement programs that may improve the way young minds are shaped. You may also work with a variety of people in the community, including parents, other educators, and child psychologists.

Obtaining a doctoral degree in education can open a variety of doors for you. Before you submit any applications, however, remember that your talents, temperament, and abilities can all influence any job you take on and that you should consider them carefully before making a final choice.

Interpreting Safety Aspects of Potent Nootriment 5-HTP

Oxitriptan or 5-HTP as it is commonly known is a naturally occurring compound in the body derived from the breakdown of Tryptophan in liver. However, Tryptophan in itself is an essential amino acid and hence the body must derive it from an external source. Common dietary sources include most protein rich diet such as poultry products, egg, red meat, milk, chickpeas, and edamame. Do note here that taking a supplemental dosage of 5-HTP as pills should affect your diet in regulating the natural protein intake.

5-Hydroxytryptophan functions in the intermediate metabolic process leading to the production of Melatonin and Seratonin in the brain. An elevated secretion of these inhibitory neurotransmitters produces calming effect, and is used for relaxation, treatment of depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Image result for Interpreting Safety Aspects of Potent Nootriment 5-HTP

Assessing user reviews

Similar to several other supplement products, 5-HTP does not have an official FDA recommendation. Neither is there sufficient lab research data available on the product. All inference drawn on the usage of it is by the limited research data available and from an assessment of the mechanism of action in the body. Fitness volunteers using this nootriment in their stacks report significant improvement in mental stability, along with relief from chronic anxiety, depression, migraines, fibromyalgia, and insomnia. Available safety reports also strictly forbid abuse of this drug as the brain may not be able to sustain an excess of inhibition.

Usage Reports

The usage should vary according to an individual’s natural tolerance towards the compound, and upon your unique requirements. Find below a brief listing of tentative maximum dosages of 5-HTP for various emotional and physical conditions. In any case, the dosage should never exceed 500 mg daily even for veteran users. The following information are only guidelines meant to help you and one should always consider consulting a licensed physician on dosages, especially if you are already on prescribed medication such as Prozac.

  • A study notes that taking a dosage range of 150 – 300 mg daily in three portions is effective for patients suffering from depression. Continue the cycle for 2 – 6 weeks as per the progress of relief.
  • Patients suffering from anxiety attacks should benefit by limiting the dosage to 50 mg daily.
  • Insomnia patients should limit the intake within a range of 100 – 200 mg per day taken with at least 8 ounces of water before going to sleep at the night.
  • A dosage between 300 to 600 mg can be beneficial for patients suffering from persistent migraines.
  • Research shows that a dose of 250 -300 mg before meals can help control obesity by improving satiety and thereby reducing dietary calorie intake. It has been shown to be more effective for women in this area of benefits.


Although it is an herbal supplement derived from the extracts of Griffonia simplicifolia , yet one should be careful about the effects of the herb on the body. Your first priority should be to find a reliable online retailer for selling genuine products anonymously delivered to your home. Apart from following the safety reports mentioned above, you should prioritize on interpreting the symptoms of your personal body clock to decide the right amount effectively.

Election 2016: Either Way, More Drama

2016-presidential-electionIn a few days, we will either be inundated by ISIS terrorists in our homes right after the U.S. government takes all of our guns, or we will be at nuclear war with the world, based on my Twitter feed. Women no longer will be allowed to vote, and global warming will turn us into crispy critters.

After watching all three debates and some of the crap coming out of both campaigns, I finally can figure out why Mexico is paying for a wall: They want to keep the crazy people out of their country.

To keep some of you from escaping to Canada or digging a hole in your yards and pulling it in after you, I thought I’d share what I expect will happen if either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is elected.

What follows is an analyst’s view of what will result when the election is over (which may not be this month, given that both sides seem to agree that if they lose it means the election was rigged). I’ll close with my product of the week: the new phone from LeEco, the Le Pro 3. It’s damn close to the new Google Pixel at about half the price, and it makes the iPhone 7 look like last year’s phone.

Ineffective Leadership

For the last eight years, we’ve had a president who has been both relatively popular and relatively ineffective. In his first two years, when his party owned both houses of Congress, virtually nothing but Obamacare got done. Then his party lost control in the House of Representatives.

This loss was due in large part to the mismanagement of Nancy Pelosi, who appeared to relish sticking it to both her Republican rivals and the newly elected president. She isn’t going anywhere, and likely will do the same thing to Clinton if she wins.

So, a relatively popular president and both houses of Congress got us two years of almost nothing but Obamacare.

Now we have two very unpopular candidates, neither of which is likely to have the support of Congress, and people are scared to death they will do something really bad. These two folks are so badly tarnished that the one who wins is likely to be under almost immediate indictment or…

Impeachment Ahead

Both candidates don’t seem to get rules. Trump has a nasty habit of being self-serving and acting before thinking, and the odds of him making an impeachment-level mistake in the first year are surprisingly good. If he wins, the Democrats are fired up to get him out of office. Also, the Republicans appear to hate him nearly as much as they hate Clinton, so he won’t get much support from his own party.

Clinton attracts scandals like poop attracts flies. She is already at war with the FBI and hasn’t even entered office yet. She doesn’t have the charisma her husband has, or the depth of support he had, and her judgment also appears to be a scandal magnet. The Republicans are over the top in their hatred of her, and her democratic peers tend to run from scandals.

Wild cards are concerns the FBI has with the Clinton Foundation and money laundering, something I think could have been brought up months ago. Also, Trump’s financials could reveal deep and inappropriate ties to a foreign government, either of which could fast-track this process.

No Mandate

At the end of this process, the primary platform for Clinton appears to be that she isn’t Donald Trump, and the primary platform for Trump is that he isn’t Hillary Clinton. What this means is that if there is a mandate, it is likely tied back to that one aspect, which effectively goes away after the election.

On the plus side, this likely will be the fastest execution of a campaign promise in history. On the minus side, there is no other mandate, which means anything else these folks want to do will require that they get the support of the American people, who mostly hate both of them. Good luck with that.

The country would prefer either of the VPs over the folks running for president. They seem more like twin brothers than they do highly opposed opponents. If they switched parties, we’d likely hardly notice. Just saying.

Both candidates are poised to challenge results and could win a challenge. What this means is that regardless of who wins, the loser is likely to make a huge stink and challenge the results, unless it’s a blowout. The surveys are indicating a very tight race.

It may be some time before we know who actually is president, and we can look forward to a ton more fun controversy and drama surrounding the event.

Given the likelihood of intimidation at polling places, a cyberattack on some part of the polling system, and the ancient and inconsistent technology used for capturing votes across the nation, there is good chance the loser will be able to have this vote overturned. So, it may not be over for a while anyway.

Wrapping Up

If you like soap operas, you’ll probably like the outcome of this election regardless of who wins, because the only thing that is certain is that we will have a ton more drama over the next eight years. The odds of an impeachment attempt are as close to 100 percent as we likely can get, assuming the winning candidate, who most certainly will be ancient, survives into office.

The odds of success, given how disliked both candidates are and how often both step over the line, are better than they likely have been in our collective lifetimes.

In the end, you can sleep soundly. There is little likelihood that either candidate will do anything truly evil, because it is equally unlikely they’ll be able to do anything at all except create more drama.

I do think you should get out and vote, because there are a lot of good people down ballet that can make a difference, and some important initiatives — both local and national — that you should care about.

Do read up on these, because if you’ve been watching the media, you’ve been lied to a lot and you certainly want to be smarter than either of the presidential candidates in your choices. Hey, how often can you legitimately say you’re smarter than the president?

Google’s Pixel Wins a Place in the Sun

Google’s Pixel smartphone, which made its debut last month, has gathered some high praise from reviewers.

“The Google Pixel is now the best Android smartphone you can buy,” wrote Joanna Stern in The Wall Street Journal.

“The other leading contender was disqualified due to spontaneous combustion,” she added, referring to Samsung’s doomed Galaxy Note7, which was recalled for safety reasons.

Stern was impressed with Pixel’s display; its high pixel count made the blacks in photos appear deeper, colors more vibrant, and everything sharper.

“The AMOLED display makes photos look better — even ones taken on an iPhone,” she wrote.

Keep Your Pixels Dry

Pixel “offers the look and competence of an iPhone with a truly great cameraand loads of innovative software and services,” David Pierce noted in a review for Wired.

“It changes my answer to the question I hear most often: ‘What phone should you get?’ You should get a Pixel,” he wrote.

“The immediate joke everyone, including me, made on Twitter after the Pixel launch was that Google made an iPhone,” Pierce added. “Well, that’s true. As it turns out, an iPhone running Android is exactly what I’ve been waiting for.”

Pixel is a standout compared to other heavyweights in the market, according to Lisa Eadicicco, who reviewed it for Time.

“All told, the Pixel is Google’s first smartphone that can go toe-to-toe with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy flagship,” she wrote. “It’s on equal footing with those phones in most of the areas that really matter, although its lack of water resistance is a setback. Still, Android fans who pick up the Pixel should be pleased, so long as they keep it dry.”

Smooth Performance

Google hit a home run with its first branded smartphone, said Cnet reviewer Lynn La.

“With Pixel, Google stepped up to bat, called its shot and knocked it out of the park,” she wrote.

It’s a departure from Google’s earlier Nexus smartphones, because you don’t have to be an Android enthusiast to appreciate what Google has accomplished with the Pixel.

“The only thing you’ll have to be enthusiastic about is owning a phone that’s beautiful, takes awesome photos, and has smooth performance,” La wrote. “If you are, the Pixel’s for you.”

The Pixel’s performance was won kudos from Jason Cross, writing for PC World.

“Android fans often complain about phones (especially Samsung’s) that lead benchmark charts, but still somehow seem to stutter, chop, and sputter when you use them,” he explained.

“The Pixel XL does none of that,” he wrote. “At every turn it is smooth, fast, and most of all, responsive.”

“Indeed, this may be the smoothest and most responsive Android phone I’ve ever used,” he added.

Rain on Pixel’s Parade

Some reviewers were unimpressed by Google’s smartphone offering.

“The absence of a major competing Android device works out especially well for Google because the Pixel is, relatively speaking, mediocre,” Brian X. Chen wrote for The New York Times.

“It is slower than Apple’s iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S7, Samsung’s smaller flagship phone,” he noted.

“Photos shot with Pixel’s camera don’t look as good as the iPhone’s,” Chen continued. “And Google’s built-in artificially intelligent virtual assistant, called Assistant, is still fairly dumb.”

Pricing may be an issue with the Pixel models, noted David McQueen, research director for consumer devices and strategic technology at ABI Research.

The Pixel is priced at US$650 and the larger Pixel XL is selling for $770.

“This is quite expensive for what you’re getting, and the build quality isn’t as good as other flagship phones in the market,” McQueen told TechNewsWorld. “It’s going to be a bit problematic for Google to create differentiation for the hardware at that price point.”

Google’s Hardware Future

However, baking Google Assistant into Pixel’s hardware could do that, McQueen continued.

“Since it’s the first device to carry Google Assistant, that will be a differentiator in an Android market where it’s very difficult to make any sort of differentiation on the hardware,” he said.

Indeed, Google Assistant may not only be Pixel’s prime asset, but also a key component of Google’s hardware future.

“The Pixel’s greatest strength is really not anything in the hardware side,” said Mark Hung, a research vice president at Gartner.

It’s Google Assistant, which is only available on Pixel, he pointed out.

“It’s the future of not only Pixel, but of the Google hardware ecosystem,” Hung told TechNewsWorld. “Google is looking to make artificial intelligence the next platform after mobile and social.”

Gunning for Apple

Reviewers taking the measure of Pixel never failed to mention the iPhone. There’s a simple reason for that.

“They’re going after iPhone customers and other high-end phone buyers,” said Ross Rubin, principal analyst at Reticle Research.

It may be difficult for Pixel to make headway in that target market, though.

“In developed markets, we’re seeing a lot of saturation,” Rubin noted. “It’s a pretty late time to be a newcomer to the space, even if you have all the advantages that Google has.”

iPhone users were Pixel’s target market, but the product also will benefit from the recall of the Samsung Note7, pbserved Kevin Krewell, a principal analyst at Tirias Research.

“The Pixel will be the major alternative to the Note7,” he told TechNewsWorld, “even though it lacks the Samsung product’s stylus and wider carrier distribution

Google Drops Cast Branding and Replaces It With Chromecast Built-In

Google Drops Cast Branding and Replaces It With Chromecast Built-InGoogle has been becoming increasingly serious about the branding on its products to help users identify its technology with ease. The company earlier renamed its Google Cast app to Google Home last month and has now decided to ditch the Google Cast branding from its Twitter account in lieu of the name ‘Chromecast’.

Google has recently started to move away from its Google Cast branding on its own products as well as third-party products that support the technology and has instead referred to it as “Chromecast built-in”, as reported by The Verge.

As per the report, the official switch from the Google Cast brand will happen in 2017 and Google says that it is being done to “help users identify the technology that they’ve come to enjoy and appreciate.”

Even though the search giant still refers to the technology as Google Cast on its dedicated page, it does mention the ‘Chromecast built-in’ name in its description. The description about the technology reads, “Google Cast – also known as Chromecast built-in – is a technology that lets you cast your favourite entertainment and apps from your phone, tablet or laptop right to your TV or speakers.”

Considering that users are able to better identify the technology by the name of the Chromecast dongle, which made it popular, it does appear to be a reasonable move by the company.

Jaguar I-Pace: Meet the all-electric Big Cat

Jaguar has just announced the I-Pace in LA – the British marque’s first all-electric vehicle and “one of the most important new cars since the E-Type”.

T3 had a chance to get up close and personal with the new car, here’s everything you need to know:

The I-Pace is largely derived from Jaguar’s C-X75 mid-engine supercar project. It borrows intelligent aero throughout to achieve a low drag coefficient of 0.29, and uses stunning 23-inch Nighthawk wheels to give it an aggressive stance. A full-length panoramic glass roof floods the interior with natural light, and at night, an array of LEDs embedded in the roof illuminate the patterned glass to create an arresting visual effect.

1. Sports car’s pace

Electric motors on the front and rear axles generate an impressive 400PS, and 700Nm of instant torque. This will power the sporty SUV from 0 to 60mph in around 4 seconds.

2. British attention to detail

GPS coordinates of car’s birthplace (Jaguar’s design studio) will be laser-etched into the wooden surface of the instrument panel. Presumably, so its engineers never get lost.

3. Welcome to the flight deck

The I-Pace features an intuitive new user interface. The primary 12-inch touchscreen is blended seamlessly into the dash, with ‘micro-click’ haptic feedback and additional screens dotted throughout the cabin.

4. All-weather electric SUV

Making use of JLR’s leading traction technology (ASPC and AdSR), you’ll be safe with the knowledge that the I-Pace can handle anything Mother Nature throws at it.

5. Keeps on rolling

The liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery pack has a predicted range of more than 220 miles. Drivers with an average daily commute will only need to recharge the vehicle once a week.

6. Plenty of space

Despite the car’s sporty design – the electric drivetrain enables a cavernous 530-litre luggage compartment. The entire cabin is light and spacious, with the same capacity as a much larger vehicle.

7. Launched in Virtual Reality

The I-Pace was launched in across the globe in virtual reality. It’s one of the most impressive uses of VR we’ve seen from a brand, with 66 HTV Vive headsets connected for the reveal. During the presentation we could move the car around to look at it from different angles. It was also used to explore certain aspects of the car in more depth, the suspension system could be exploded for example.